I like to consider myself a luminous landscape photographer. Wether it’s in the mountains, the deserts, or the beaches, I am most happy capturing sweeping panoramic images filled with amazing light. I like to use multiple exposures, focus stacking, advanced editing, and color enhancements to bring back the memory of being there. The final image is no longer just a photograph, but a piece of art that takes you back to the moment.

I am a total geek, I love technology and I love to watch the world of photography evolve as we move forward. Photography is changing so much as technology advances and I strive to stay at the forefront pushing the boundaries of what is possible, both with my equipment and my editing.

I have not always been a photographer, but I come from a long line of photographers reaching back into my past. I have had the opportunity to watch and learn the art and passion of photography from both of my parents, and over the years I have spent many hours editing other people's artwork and photos.

One day I was working on some photos and I just decided that instead of looking at, critiquing, and editing everybody else's work it was time to pick up a camera, get out into the world, and take my own. Over the next few months I sold off some guitars, amps, old camera gear, and miscellaneous stuff we had laying around and bought my first real camera.

For me photography has been a great journey, one that has just begun, one that has changed my life, and one that will never end.